JCV Holdings Group is a corporation specialized in caring for the environment, to provide service to national and international industries established in the country, we offer cutting-edge environmental engineering.

The evolution of these industries inevitably leads to an environmental impact and waste is generated daily, which is why responsibility must be met, respecting and preserving the environment always within a regulatory and legal framework.

Consolidate into a single business group the various companies with technology involved in the revaluation and generation of energy from industrial waste, as well as offer solutions with cutting-edge technology “in situ” for the remediation of contaminated sites, offering comprehensive solutions to our clients to your specific needs.

To be a corporate specialized in environmental engineering offering complete solutions for the revaluation of industrial waste throughout Mexico with intelligent solutions tailored to our clients implementing cutting-edge technologies. Offer the best existing technologies on the market in terms of revaluation of Industrial Waste, generation of energy from waste and remediation of contaminated sites.

To be the leading technological business group of reference at the national level in terms of revaluation and generation of energy from industrial waste and minimization of volumes in the remediation of contaminated sites, promoting cultures, policies and strategies of innovation in a sustainable way, through solutions that respect the environment and promote the recovery of resources from waste.


Meet and exceed our customers’ expectations

• Environmental Protection

• Innovation

• Productivity

• Sustainability

• Responsibility and the effort to do excellent work.

Our certifications exceed those required by law. These actions guarantee our commitment to our clients and the environment. As a result, we have obtained awards and recognitions both in Mexico, Europe and other countries in America.


Our certifications are a key business factor of Grupo JCV Holdings is the search for the best coexistence and greater harmony between society, technology and the environment, having as a management priority ensuring the quality of our services by establishing actions for the preservation of the environment.